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American Ju-Jitsu Association Black Belt Database

***CLICK HERE: This database represents only Certified AJA Yudansha***

Note: There are a number of ???? - Unknowns that we need help filling in. Please contact the Webmaster

If you feel there has been an error or omission, please refer to procedures below




NOTE: The above list includes only Yudansha who have had their rank CERTIFIED and REGISTERED with the AJA. That means they must hold a Rank Certificate issued directly from the AJA. This certificate requires several steps, starting with promotion by an AJA Sensei; note that the AJA does not "cross-certify" rank. If you find errors or omissions in this list, please contact the AJA Certifications Director ("CD"), Bill Swope, bfswope@alltel.net and be prepared to provide the name, rank and registration number (found at the bottom of the rank certificate). The CD will not be able to process your request without this information. The CD, after verifying AJA certification criteria, will inform the Webmaster who will then make any modifications to this list. If you do not see results in 30 days of your request, please contact the webmaster directly at webmaster@americanjujitsuassociation.org 

NSCB: National Standards & Certification Board; BOD: AJA Board of Directors

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